Jordan Chacon

Photo: Jordan Chacon

Jordan began working at L’Academie de Cuisine (LADC) in high school as a teen chef’s assistant during the school year and a lead camp counselor for LADC’s kids and teen summer cooking camps. LADC was a mainstay in her formative years growing up in the DC area, and even later as she moved to Madison, WI to pursue her undergraduate career at the University of Wisconsin.  In May 2014 she graduated with her B.S. in Environmental Studies and Community & Environmental Sociology. Soon after she returned to LADC and began working as part of LADC Bethesda’s campus administration team and facilitating summer camps. Meanwhile she successfully launched her own personal chef and catering business “Out of the Jordinary” to offer personal chef, catering and culinary education services to adults and children. She graduated from LADC’s Culinary Techniques 101 certificate program, and is also a chef instructor teaching youth classes.

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