Nicole Brown


Photo: Nicole Brown Born in Verdun, France, Nicole was raised with a love for and appreciation of preparing and eating delicious food.  She has lived and worked throughout the United States including California, Washington State, Alabama, and Virginia.  While living in Germany for three years, she developed tours of German supermarkets and continued her private practice.  As a consulting dietitian and owner of “For the Health of It!” she works with patients at the National Center for Weight and Wellness, fire fighters in Fairfax County, VA and individual clients with incremental lifestyle changes that help lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, manage blood sugars and other important nutrition changes in addition to weight management. She provides hands on nutrition by taste testing and giving tours of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Markets. Nicole is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a Master of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley and 30 years of experience in nutrition and health promotion.  Certified by the American College of Sports Nutrition as an Exercise Physiologist, she also advises clients on physical activity and exercise.

Since August 2001, she has participated in the Overnight Walk, a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  For fitness, Nicole plays inter-club and USTA doubles and singles tennis, lifts weights, and walks a lot.  She lives in Springfield, VA with her husband, Pat Shaw. Their oldest daughter, Callahan Brown, is a US Marine and their younger daughter, Reilly Brown, is a junior in college. 

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